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"Tha Iain math ach tha esan sgoinneil."

Translation:Iain is good but he is brilliant.

January 12, 2020



This does not make sense to me. Shouldn´t the first part be in the negative? Iains isn´t good but brilliant.


'Esan' tells you that the 'he' being referred to is not Iain, but a different person.

  • Iain is good. On the other hand, he (not Iain) is brilliant.


But in the written English just to put “he” is too ambiguous, if you don’t have bold and italics, which don’t work at least on the web version. I tried “that guy” which is clearer though I doubted if it would be accepted. It wasn’t.


Thank you. I don't believe we were told that in the Tips, so the sentence was confusing. I'm glad you explained 'esan'.


the tips do point out that “esan" is an emphatic pronoun, so when we see “esan" rather than “e” in a sentence like this we have to visualize “he" in bold/italics.


Iain's good ... but he's brilliant!


Y'all really don't like Iain


Iain's a troublemaker


At least he isn't stealing underpants...


I'm glad to hear that it is clear in Gaelic because the English makes it sound like even though Iain is good, Iain is brilliant, as though good people usually are not brilliant. I did not realize the Gaelic made it clear that two different people are being referred to.


So is esan accusative where e is nominative? (Says me trying to remember grammar from German classes long ago)

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