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"Nach eil thu a' faighinn caora?"

Translation:Aren't you getting a sheep?

January 12, 2020



This needs a way to slow it down, at least at the beginning.


How do you know this is "Aren't you getting A sheep?" instead of "Aren't you getting sheep?"


Because unlike the English word "sheep", caora has a plural: caoraich.

So it would be "nach eil thu a' faighinn caoraich." See: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/caora (Nice to see someone else currently taking the Gaelic course -- hi!)


I keep getting a message saying l have a 'typo', but there isn't the word 'not' on the list, just hasn't.


Like others, I am getting a 'typo' warning for using Are nt you, instead of Are not you. Not is not an option here. Also: 'Are not you' would be incorrect. Luckily it is just a typo warning rather than the dreaded mistake sound! :)


Why is "finding" wrong?


'Are you not' and 'Aren't you' have the same meaning, have the not or haven'they not

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