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"Mo chreach, tha mi bog fliuch."

Translation:Dear me, I am soaking wet.

January 12, 2020


[deactivated user]

    "mo chreach" isn't literally "dear me", is it?


    creach is a cattle raid. It's an idiom.

    The full phrase is "mo chreach 's a thàinig" which means "my cattle raid has come".


    No, it's a comparable exclamation. You'll find multiple translations for it and all have the same general sentiment.


    Should there not be acceptable variations to "dear me"....MacLennan, Dwelly and LearnGaelic dictionaries all give "Alas!" and LearnGaelic also gives "Goodness!" I know "Alas!" is a bit old fashioned and pedantic but "Goodness me!" "My goodness!" "Dearie me!" O my goodness!" "O my dear" even "Michtie me" in some parts of Scotland, are common, but any variation I've tried is marked wrong.


    soaking wet - isn't 'wet through' the same thing?

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