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"A bheil na flùraichean buidhe agad?"

Translation:Do you have the yellow flowers?

January 12, 2020


[deactivated user]

    so "bheil" is just a question marker, isn't it? Like: it doesn't translate to a specific question-word like you have in english, so much as just "everything after this is a question"?


    Nope, it is 'do' in this sentence:

    • Tha na flùraichean buidhe agad. > You (do) have the yellow flowers.

    • Chan eil na flùraichean buidhe agad. > You do not have the yellow flowers.

    • A bheil na flùraichean buidhe agad? > Do you have the yellow flowers?

    • Nach eil na flùraichean buidhe agad? > Don't you have the yellow flowers?


    Could this not also be translate as 'Are the yellow flowers yours?'


    It would be good if the programme would also accept, "Have you got the yellow flowers?"


    Very hard to make out buidhe in this recording. What she said sounded more like tooyackat. I was looking for something starting with t not b! I got it at about the fourth listening

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