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  5. "Tune your ʻukulele."

"Tune your ʻukulele."

Translation:E hoʻokī ʻoe i kāu ʻukulele.

January 12, 2020



Is it just me, or does the ""oe" here seem arbitrary? So many times ice included out only to get either an"incorrect" response or some other disclaimer. And now i left it out because i was getting that it was optional, only to get it wrong. IS there a rule for this?


I have, so far, never been marked wrong for omitting it (though I havenʻt had this particular question yet for English to Hawaiian).

Itʻs possible they just didnʻt have all the variations in the database yet. Theyʻre pretty good about adding them for this course, so that may have changed in the 4 months since you posted.


I like the command here directly to a person: YOU, since an untuned 'ukulele is not a good thing when playing together. Aloha


I think my comment was more about the inconsistency of use instead of correctness. Sometimes DL uses/accepts "`oe" and sometimes it doesn't. This leaves me still wondering whether it's optional? arbitrary? preferred? Hard to know from the results I get here. My kumu says it's proper but not often used in conversation. Maybe the "often" part of that statement is what's driving the variations here. But sometimes I'm marked wrong WITH it, and sometimes I'm marked wrong WITHOUT it. So I never know.


I didn't use 'oe and it was accepted. The first time I left off the E at the beginning, and that was not accepted (nor should it have been!)

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