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  5. "Tha e fuar. Cuir bonaid air."

"Tha e fuar. Cuir bonaid air."

Translation:He is cold. Put a bonnet on him.

January 12, 2020



Is a bonnet a hat for a guy or a gal? ... In American English a bonnet is usually a large brimmed hat for a woman or girl. In some parts of the U.S. it is becoming exclusively associated with Spring time or Easter.


Look up the Balmoral Bonnet or the Tam o' Shanter. It's a traditional Highlands/Islands flat cap. In the States we'd say it looks kind of like a beret.


I wrote "It is cold, put a bonnet on", which was marked wrong. Is this a context issue or is my understanding incorrect?


I think because it says 'air' which is 'on him' from that on then knows it must be 'he is cold'

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