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  5. "Die Katze läuft."

"Die Katze läuft."

Translation:The cat is walking.

April 28, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Does läuft mean to run or to walk?


    "Laufen" actually means "to walk fast", like you are walking in a pace. But it is also the verb you should use when you are walking at a normal speed. You can also say "Ich spaziere.", but it means "I'm wandering./I'm strolling." like you are sightseeing. You can also use "laufen" when you are running in a hurry. And you should use the verb "rennen" for "to run", as in a running race. I hope I'm clear. :)


    How do you know what someone is trying to tell us then?


    It seems like it's a mistake to assume that they're trying to tell you whether the striding is fast or slow. There's nothing that says they have to try that, and if they want to add "schnell" or "langsam" they certainly can.


    German is interesting. How can youtell if the person us running or walking, right?


    I would also like to know. It seems like an important distinction to make.


    Laufen is generally to walk at a rapid pace, but can be used for general walking. Since it means at a rapid pace it is sometimes used (at the speaker's discretion) for walking quickly, it is often used to mean a regular type of run. Rennen is always used when referencing trying to go faster than someone you are racing with. Rennen can be used for running in general as well; again it depends on the speaker's discretion as there is where it can overlap with laufen. So how do you know? You really have to judge it in the overall context... a simple Sie läuft would probably mean "she walks"... if the context suggests at a more than regular quick pace such as using "schnell" with it,... then it would almost certainly be run.. you really don't know for certain in a lot of duolingo's sentences.


    I did the same mistake. The solution is not accepting the answer with "run".


    I know the general rules about endings when conjugating, and I know there are a few strange cases with the first part of the word (sehen - sieht), but this one doesn't seem intuitive to me. How to you know that it's läuft instead of lauft?

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    learn it by heart, it's an exception (but a quite common type)


    Anyone want to clear up the pronunciation of "läuft"? Having trouble with it.


    Sort of like loyft. maybe not so strong on the diphthong but close to that.


    it is pronounced as lo-e-ft


    what is the difference between lauft and läuft ? I write die katze lauft but it was marked wrong ??


    I thought läuft was run, and gehen was walk?


    Gehen is more like to go, and laufen like to walk


    Lauft and läuft whats the difference between them ??


    I have no german keyboard any solution to write the umlaut


    On my Mac, if I press alt-u, an umlaut appears. Then I can type whichever vowel I need and it puts it under the umlaut! ä ï ë ö ü Ä Ë Ï Ö Ü


    Finally I learned something new today about my MAC


    If you are using a desktop/laptop, you have the language bar in which you can add the german keyboard and switch keyboards with the Alt+Shift combination. Hope it helps.


    Yup... have the German keyboard on mine... only confusions come occasionally with the y and z swap... and knowing punctuation marks... oh.. and the ß.. way up top. It does make typing in German a lot easier.


    If you are talking about a touchscreen device as in an android device like me as I am typing this right now, you can download Touchpal keyboard (highly recommend it) or if you are on an Apple device just touch and hold down a letter and a small bubble of accented characters to that will show (same method applies to the android keyboards).


    Most touch keyboards (such as the Google keyboard) hav.a feature where holding down the key will allow you to access a special characters.


    WOW I learned another new thing about a MAC device


    There's horseplay on the catwalk. Ahem.


    Touch the word, and it will show the definition! Duuur!


    Can it be "the cat walks"?


    I lost a heart as i said laufen was running and your site says it means walking but it can mean either.


    Also there is a difference between gehen and fahren which the site does nit address. Gehen is to go by foot i.e walking and fshren is to go by car or transport.


    Laufen can be running and walking. How does duo lingo decide


    Last question when i used läuft for walk i was told gehen was answer. Frustrated with no explanation


    What is the difference between go and walk?

    Die Katze läuft

    I've translated as: The cat goes

    Whats wrong?

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