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"Bha a' mheanbh-chuileag ann. Bha e dìreach sgrathail."

Translation:The midge were out. It was just awful.

January 12, 2020



According to "The Scotsman":

"Midges are much smaller than mosquitoes, weighing only about 1/8000 of a gram. They have the fastest wing-beat speed of any animal in the world at around 1000 times a second.

"They’re most prevalent in spring to late summer, and the Highland Midge can be found in Scotland as well as other parts of the UK."


Midges may be smaller but they are HUGE when it comes to being an annoying pain in the butt!! They are relentless and whats more I live at a river here in Alba hoards congregate, so 'just awful' is an understatement to say the least lol


I think the spelling midgie/midgies should be added as a correct answer rather than a typo as this is how people usually say/write it in the highlands. I use to say midge but when I moved to Skye everyone would correct me to midgie.


If I understand correctly, the first sentence literally translates as "there were midges." There is no "out" in that sentence. Personally, it's fine with me, as it is with most language instructors, to allow for less literal and more idiomatic translations as being accepted as correct. However, in just about all other exercises in every Duolingo language I've studied, Duo is such a stickler for literal translations only, that this throws me. In other sentences we've been marked wrong for translating sentences like "Tha t-uisge ann" as "It's raining out"-- no, no, we were told, there is no "out" in the Gaelic sentence, and we must translate as "There is rain" -- which no English speaker would ever use unless they wanted to goof around and sound stilted. Please be consistent, Duolingo!


Guess I must 'sound stilted' (rude!) as I would say, also many people in Scotland say theres rain.. there is rain.. there was rain.. theres going to be rain! Please dont assume that no 'English speaking person' would ever use it! Just because it doesnt sound right to you doesnt mean its incorrect or wrong. As for the midgies being out, midgies by definition are found in long grass, rivers, moors etc so 'outside' in existence (ann) as with rain.. if there is rain its outside!! In existence! Therefore translations would be correct!


Sorry, I should have written "No American English speaking person would ever say 'there is rain' to convey the idea that precipitation of water from the sky is happening." We would say "it's raining out." All I am attempting to communicate is that the idea that is spoken in Scottish Gaelic as "Tha t-uisge ann" would be said in the States as "it's raining out" and yet Duolingo marks that as a wrong translation. Yet in this sentence, Duo gives as a correct translation that "the midges were out" rather than "there were midges." My complaint is with the inconsistency of what Duo considers right and wrong translations.

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