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  5. "A bheil Uilleam ceart?"

"A bheil Uilleam ceart?"

Translation:Is William right?

January 12, 2020



That's because she is saying 'Uilleam' not William! I agree with Joanne, there is nothing wrong with her pronunciations. I'm quite sure a fluent Gaelic speaker would be a tad annoyed if a learner is telling her she's not pronouncing her words correctly!

You ears adjust over time and I know it can be frustrating now hearts have been introduced to keep losing lives on a singular sentence.. put headphones in and listen to the sentence while it is written out infront of you and you will start to hear it clearer.


I noticed that many question don't end with a tonal inflection upwards like in English. Is this a Gaelic thing or a Duolingo thing?


It's a Gaelic thing but you may find younger speakers, or speakers learning formally instead of as their native tongue, may occasionally bring that bit of English "luggage" to their Gaelic.


correct answer was Uilleim last time, Uilleam this time..


For the same question?

Uilleam is the nominative form - if you're talking about him then you use this one.

Uilleim is the vocative form - in the same way "balach" -> "a bhalaich", "Uilleam" gets slenderised by putting an 'i' before the final consonant and becomes "Uilleim". It doesn't get an "a" with lenition because it starts with a vowel.


I understand nominative rules, but not why one that is incorrect one time is correct the next time


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend with nominative/vocative. I mentioned that because you had two sentences here and I wanted to make sure "last time" wasn't referring to the "come inside, William" sentence.

I hope Joanne or Ciaran can get that sorted/answered for you!


No problem, Ceabhain :)


Isn't ceart both right and correct


Tha thu ceart :)

Incase you dont have this dictionary heres a link :)


Btw congrats on your 1 year streak of Duo!

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