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Anyone else experience another Leader Board Glitch this last round?

I just finished 3rd place in the Amethyst League. When the clock counted down to zero, I was placed once again in Amethyst with no advancement.

January 13, 2020



Apologies @JanelleBelle1, I can see your account and this should not have happened. Taking a look into this!


Could you look into my Konto auch, bitte? Arigato!


Hey erdnuss, I finished 1st in the Emerald League and I advanced to the Amethyst league, but did not receive a prize and I didn't gain the Achievement of 'Champion' (Advance to the Amethyst League) or 'Winner' (Finish #1 in your leaderboard). Is there any way to rectify this?

Many thanks! xx


Same problem - I finished 6th in Pearl. Please take a look if you can!


Did you do a lesson AFTER the countdown??


Yes, that's exactly what I did.

There is that moment after the countdown finishes but results aren't up yet while you still keep using Duolingo.

That was the moment when things got glitched.


UPDATE: Thank you so much for fixing this issue so quickly! I am now thriving in the Pearl League! Best of luck to you all in your leagues this week!


Yay! It just got fixed also for me, here comes the Pearl :)

Thanks a lot for rising the issue and Duo team for the quick fix.


Maybe it will update later? Hope you receive your treasure chest! Have a lingot, as I don't have a Top Three medal to give you!


Yes! I was first in my sapphire league as midnight passed, and i haven't received my 'winner' achievement :(


I also finished first and didn't receive the 'winner' achievement. Though oddly I did advance from Gold to Sapphire. But then also didn't receive the Champion 4 achievement.

And is there supposed be some kind of prize in the chest for finishing in the top 3?


I'm confused. On desktop I got promoted to Amethyst league and on my mobile I've been stuck in ruby league for a while. =/

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