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  5. "You make me happy, my love."

"You make me happy, my love."

Translation:choQuchmoH, bangwI'.

January 13, 2020



bang is a noun form of love. Is lover an acceptable translation? (I typed it in an earlier lesson, and they said I spelled love wrong. In this case, lover doesn't fit quite as well, but I wonder if it's more appropriate in phrases like banglI'


I'm not terribly thrilled with the idea, as English uses "lover" to mean "sexual partner" and I think bang is not quite that strong and just means "loved one". But I have added it in anyway.


The word lover is not used exclusively to mean a sexual partner, although it is often used to mean that. This sentence could be translated with lover, but the translator runs the risk of the audience assuming a sexual partner is meant, which the Klingon word does not imply or prohibit.

The word parmaqqay is probably closer to meaning a sexual partner, but even there we're only told so in Star Trek's safe-for-television kind of winking acknowledgement. I suspect without evidence that parmaqqay implies that the partners are bound to each other in some way — friends with benefits could not be called parmaqqaypu'.

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