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"Tha mi ann an Sealtainn a-rithist."

Translation:I am in Shetland again.

January 13, 2020



Keeps telling me I typed in English. Any fix for this issue ?


Spell Shetland correctly in Gaelic.I had the same problem


Full of bugs like the above, typed Tha mi ann an sealtainn a-rithist Told me that i was typing in English, what an insult. Had to copy and paste from notepad to get it accepted.


If you come across a bug you can report it as such. Scottish Gaelic contributor team cannot fix bugs themselves. From experience, the vast majority of the time the system tells you you are typing in English it is because of an unseen typo. If that’s not the case it’s a bug. We get a lot of reports but the majority have an unnoticed spelling error. The system only recognises accurate (or 1 letter out) answers as being in Gaelic.


I wrote "the Shetlands" instead of "Shetland" and I think the former is more common in English but this translation was marked as wrong :(

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