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  5. "An t-òrd beag agam."

"An t-òrd beag agam."

Translation:My small hammer.

January 13, 2020



With the inclusion of "Tha" beginning the sentence (Tha an t-òrd beag agam), does it then simply translate as "I have the small hammer"? Still trying to get my head around the constructs.

[deactivated user]

    yeah, I'm also confused abt "I have the small hammer" being incorrect. Would one write it another way to say you have an object, but that it isn't your possession?(Like, if someone asked for a tool and you were telling them you had it)


    I think it's because there's no verb in the phrase as is. It's literally just "the small hammer at me" aka "my small hammer" without the verb "tha".


    Tha an t-òrd beag agam. Is mise Maxwell.

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