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"Is toil leam buntàta agus sgadan."

Translation:I like potato and herring.

January 13, 2020



I will have to try it! I am having so much fun and am loving being able to "level up"!


It's very easy to prepare: Pour some oil and sliced onions on smoked herring and let it rest for a while, boil potatoes, peel them, mix all together and pour some parsley all over as wished. Better serve cold, as summer is coming.

And bring some noise with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VmKu2O7JmY


What an absolutely great song! I love the Uilleann pipes


Is toigh leam buntàta agus sgadan -- that is what I heard? Am I hopelessly outdated, old-fashioned, or just plain wrong. I know Gaidhlig has gone through a few spelling reforms, only one accent used now, some of the dead wood cut out, so to speak. I even think the original could have been Is doigh leam, but, my memory is hazy. So obsolete spelling or just wrong, please?


In the tips for the first lesson, they say that some people say "is toil leam..." and some say "is toigh leam" , and that the course teaches "is toil leam" because it's used more often.

You may have to use the web version of the course to see the tips -- but you can navigate to it on your phone web browser, as well as from a computer. I like to make notes from each lesson's tips when I first start the lesson, and copy the vocabulary for that lesson into the file too.


To be honest, I think it could be more about a spelling convention, as if you say, Is toigh leam, the toigh is run together with the l of leam, so would sound identical to Is toil leam, what is more, though dated, Is doigh leam is also possible. I mainly learned and spoke Gaidhlig in the Uists, but I did come across a good native speaker from Argyll, and he sounded as if he said, 'Sdoigh leam. It was also noticeable that some of his 'd's were not voiced as 't' without pre-aspiration, so sgadan, did sound as written rather than sounding more like scattan. In short, I don't think it really matters, as what matters here is how, the course is teaching an expression. It is fun to be refreshing all that I have forgotten, and, I should concentrate more on re-learning than worrying about the inessentials. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


Im just confused as to why Im learning herring before yes and no.

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