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  5. "Niall gòrach."

"Niall gòrach."

Translation:Stupid Niall.

January 13, 2020



Yes, I had the same question.


I do not see the point of trying to teach Gaelic to beginners when the words are mispronounced by native speakers. This is for advanced learners!


Isn't it "Nèill" in Gaelic??? Why "Niall" that is the translation?


Niall is the name. “A Nèill” is what you say when you’re talking to directly to Niall.


Would have been nice if the tips for this module drew attention to the changes in male names in the vocative; there’s more to it than just adding the particle “a”


as an older learner, I am a bit deaf and do not always catch certain sounds. This lady does not seem to sound the N in Niall, and the name comes out as Iaill.


Would this name translate as Neil in English? If so, why do they stick with Niall instead? If not, is there a name that would be the equivalent of Neil?

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