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Cannot read forum posts anymore

I am using a fairly ancient iOS (9.2.1) on my iPad. That already means that using the Duolingo App is a big pain, since it keeps telling me that there is an update available (which I can't install) after basically every answer. Fine.

But now, for about the last two weeks, I also cannot read forum posts any longer. I still see the forum overview but when I click on any particular thread, I only get a blank page.

Is there a way to fix this? I can't even see the threads that I have participated in and that I get emails about when there are new contributions.

January 13, 2020



Maby you dont have enable discussion forum on??


I am curious:

Do you use a hardware keyboard with your Apple Ipad?

I heard from other users that there is limited support for this (on specific devices)?


Thank you for your very detailed replies.

(1) I am reading (or rather, not reading these days) the forums on the web - I don‘t think there is a way to even do this via the app.

(2) Thanks for the reminder re Chrome. I never use it, so I more or less forget it exists - but I may have to, if Safari is no longer supported.

Update: Chrome also shows me nothing but a blank page. Oh well.

(3) No, no hardware keyboard.

I had posted this reply via my (newer) iPhone but strangely, right now I am able to see the thread on my iPad as well.

O magnum mysterium.


For some users there seem to be new issues (maybe) with the latest browser versions (e.g. Chrome V79, Firefox V71/72) if I hopefully understand all the new threads from the past weeks correctly.

So I finally created a new comment (poll) in the "No access to Home" thread to see who might be affected
(which is not about your main IOS V9.2.1 app issue but written more generally for the web users but would also affect YOU as soon as you use Chrome/Firefox or Safari):


Yes, I am pretty much wildly guessing at this moment....just trying to help and to consolidate different user tests.

No, personally I can not test it yet with any of those very LATEST browser versions....have to use another PC system which I do not have that good access to for this.

Last time I tried on Firefox Quantum or Google Chrome on 1-2 versions before it worked; so I will start the retest with those currently installed versions first....and only then do new tests with the very most recent (latest) offered stable versions.


Quote: I am using a fairly ancient iOS (9.2.1) on my iPad
That already means that using the Duolingo App is a big pain
But now, for about the last two weeks, I also cannot read forum posts any longer. I still see the forum overview but when I click on any particular thread, I only get a blank page.

If I understand you right this happens on an older IOS mobile app?

But honestly, I think you are out of luck as old versions are not supported.

Support from any company asks you to install the latest version from an available software, always.

You can submit a bug report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Quote: I only get a blank page

Generally spoken, staff has made many heavy code updates in 2019 to the web portal.

This also affects my old Firefox V52.9.0esr version!

If you are accessing the Home/learn page through a very old browser version (Chrome, Firefox V34, V45esr; V45 is the last supported version for AMD Athlon XP CPUs without SSE2 hardware extensions), IE11, Safari, Android built-in browser from OS V4.4) an empty page will be rendered.

The web console will show a red JavaScript error (I can't test this right now on my computer with an Android emulator how specific errors can be checked on mobile devices).

Thread "No access to Home": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34183811

Quote: Is there a way to fix this?

For the app:

Only if staff fixes it on their serverside (to support older versions as it probably has been working before).

The other solution for you might be to update to the most recent IOS version so you can install newer app versions...but this will probably not work with your older Ipad?!

Switching to the web:

The developers and testers are not that good in supporting older hardware, multiple browsers and I do not believe that they even test their new code (e.g. 3rd party Javascript libraries) anymore on older versions or anything other than Google Chrome.

The only fix for IOS and MacOS users is to use the minimum OS versions which still allow to the install of a recent Google Chrome V77/78 or Mozilla Firefox Quantum (V68esr, V69-70) version.

AFAIK users have mass posted on the Troubleshooting forums for a longer time that you can't use Safari browsers (especially older versions) in 2019 anymore with the Duolingo web (learn) portal realiably.

For example if MacOS users are not allowed to meet the minimum requirements, they need to buy a new mainboard to be able to install a new OS version which meets those vendor requirements.

Same will haven to older smartphones or tablets.


On a quite old Android V4.4 tablet (not V4.2.1) from a friend I had the same symptoms when I visited the www.duolingo.com Home/Learn page on the webportal.

I only get an empty page (same happens on a Panasonic SmartTV with Firefox V34).

This happened with the internal Android browser (too slow) and older Chrome browser.
Thankfully Android OS V4.4 allowed me to install Google Chrome V77 (much faster) and the Duolingo web learn page worked (sorry, I believe I have not tested forum "sentence discussions" but I was able to access the forum.duolingo.com entry page as well).

Your only chance for the non-functioning mobile app:

  • 1) Update your ancient IOS V9.2.1 to 10.x if your Ipad allows this

  • 2) Switch to Google Chrome / Firefox Quantum browsers on recent versions

Minimum requirements IOS V10.x on Iphone/Ipad: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?co=GENIE.Platform%3DiOS&hl=en&oco=2

Firefox requires IOS 10.3+ on Iphone/Ipad (4th generation)/Ipod (6h generation): https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?co=GENIE.Platform%3DiOS&hl=en&oco=2

  • 3) Try if there is an older Firefox V52.9.0esr version available from archive sites (I do not think that this works for IOS, but only for Android) which might support older devices (I have not verified this)

  • 4) You can also try the "Microsoft Edge" browser but you need IOS 11.0: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/microsoft-edge-mobile

See the footer:
"Requires Android version 4.4 or higher or iOS 10 or higher.
OS: Microsoft Edge for iPad® and iPhone® requires iOS 11.0 or later. Microsoft Edge for iPad Pro™ requires iOS 11.0 or later. Microsoft Edge is supported on the two most recent versions of iOS."

  • 5) Firefox V52.9.0esr still works a bit (limited with lesson freezes, high CPU load, blackscreens; requiring a browser restart after a few lessons) on an older Windows computer where I cannot upgrade it to recent Firefox Quantum versions


Looks like your Apple Ipad is way older than an ancient Android mobile device.

It is not really safe to use the Internet with non-supported OSes and ancient out-of-support browsers

Android V4.2.x has trouble and gets no support anymore.
Android V4.4+ is supported with the Duolingo V3.106.5 version (later Duolingo app versions V4.3 / V4.x require Android 5.1+).
Android V4.4+ is still supported by Google Chrome V77 (I have to check again for 78-79 versions)



  • 1) Ditch the mobile tapping app

  • 2) I would recommend not to try to get an older Android tablet:
    The font/text size of the word banks was soooo small on the tablet screen

  • 3) Typing with the on-screen keyboard -- in browser mode -- on a tablet (one finger method) is really a pain

  • 4) Android Gboard "voice to text" dictation requires Android V5.1+; the installed keyboard from Android V4.4 was not working that great and didn't allow us to swap between Portuguese and English (and force voice dictation to the currently selected keyboard target language)

  • 5) You can probably type much better (Swype & Co.) and faster with several fingers using your both hands on a smartphone if you use it in landscape mode which a Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser should allow you

  • 6) Duolingo mobile apps have no built-in landscape mode anymore (you need to use 3rd party apps to force that): Duolingo V3.72.2 on Android was the last version

The BEST solution to use Duolingo IMHO is a 14.1" / 15.6+ Laptop with hardware keyboard and only using the www.duolingo.com web portal, not the mobile apps.

But this is more suitable for Germanic/Romance languages and not necessarily for Japanese or Korean as you first would have to install a keyboard layout and learn how to correctly type in your target languages.

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