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  5. "Tha iad cho sona ri bròig."

"Tha iad cho sona ri bròig."

Translation:They are as happy as a shoe.

January 13, 2020



Not sure how to take that...


I seem to have missed a lot of grammar at some point. Have never heard of a "dative case". Is this really a Scottish metaphor? If not, is there another example of when "shoe" would be used in the dative case? Would it be in this sentence: "He rubbed the dirt off his shoe"? Just wondering when I would ever use "bròig". Thanks!


Dative is the case used after (most) prepositions - in, on, at, etc. And you may not have heard of it before because not all languages have it. Pretty sure English doesn't.


Yeah, is shoe (bròg) genitive or dative here?


Oh wait, now I see what you mean.


At least one dictionary says "bròige" is the genitive case for "bròg".

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