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How do I contact duolingo by telephone?>

January 13, 2020



Duolingo has tens of millions of subscribers. They do not publish their telephone number.


They are busy messing a good thing up, no time for phone calls


I agree, at the beginning Duo was such a good platform, look at it now, just a money making machine!


I am just discovering this down side to Duolingo :( Things are great until you need help. Good luck finding contact info. If you email, good luck getting a real response. Then if you do get through to an actual person it will be a bit of a snarky response about things taking time and a suggestion to looking for help within the community. Can anyone tell me why I can't access the games on my iPhone now. Nothing has changed except that I also started accessing the games on my Mac?


I can no longer access Stories. Every one Olga’s now gone gold ie as if I had completed it. Has anyone experienced this and found a solution? It is the same on my phone, iPad and laptop.

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