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Google Translate for websites

Because DuoLingo does not allow us to translate the articles and webpages that we are interested in and want to read, here is a good alternative while we wait for DuoLingo to add the feature.

  1. Find yourself a nice foreign language website with content you find interesting such as http://es.engadget.com/

  2. Paste your chosen website URL into the box on http://translate.google.com and then click the URL it generates. You will now see your chosen website machine-translated into English.

  3. Click the button at top right labelled "Original". You will now see the original foreign language text with the added feature of hovering over any sentence to see it's English translation.

August 1, 2012

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Duolingo has selected several articles from this site:


Self described as: "A careful selection for geeks, freaks, nerds and cool people in the news, most
original inventions and gadgets on the planet." Madness takes its toll.

Other Spanish site suggestions?

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