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Hours studied

Hi Duolingo, I'd love to know how much time I have studied so far. I'd like to compare my abilities with what I would have done with a normal weekly one-hour class over the course of a year but I have no idea how long I have studied or how much I would still have to study to reach say 40 hours. Thank you very much !

January 13, 2020



https://www.duome.eu/claradesai try this website it gives you details of your account but sadly doesn't have the hours feature.


This is a cynical take, but I wonder if the Duolingo team doesn't want to display this because they are worried that people will start to realize it's not an efficient use of their time.

I've been on Duolingo for years, I started some time around 4ish years ago I think, and back then it was fundamentally different, and I think a MUCH, MUCH better learning tool. I carefully kept track of the time I was putting in, and I found that my effort paid off IMMENSELY.

Like, I was getting INCREDIBLE amounts out of relatively modest amounts of effort.

Well, somewhere along the line came a long series of changes. Duolingo started favoring mobile over desktop, they started dumbing down the courses, exercises got more repetitive, less challenging. Courses started emphasizing practice less and less, the site gave users more choice about where to progress and less guidance and oversight. And various small features broke from time to time, and would often be MONTHS before they got fixed...problems with audio, audio on hover-over for individual words got broken. New courses launched and were really shoddy.

And yet the Duolingo team kept tooting their own horn. Luis von Ahn came on the Duolingo subreddit and was talking about how all their numbers were up, more users, people spending more time on the app, blah blah blah.

Well I don't want to put more hours in. I want to learn more.

And, as one of the conscientious users who carefully measured what I was putting in, and checked it against my progress in real-world listening comprehension, conversational ability, and reading/writing skills, I strongly felt that Duolingo was becoming less effective over time.

I also have not ever seen Duolingo really reverse course. Some of the complaints I have about how the courses are structured or have been changed, have been un-addressed for years. I think Duolingo as a product is worse now than it was when I started.

And I think that tracking hours like this would clearly expose these problems.

I wonder if this is why they don't do it. It would force them to confront their shortcomings.

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