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Weekly Report

I received weekly reports last year (2019) for my students in three classes. This year, I haven't received any reports. Is this a function that Duolingo has discontinued?

January 13, 2020



I found this work around in another forum topic. It gives you pretty much the information of the weekly reports and then some. 1. click on your class 2. Click on More Details 3. Click on Activity details 4. Click on All Time 5. Click on Past Week or select a time period 6. Click on Spreadsheet to download the info in .csv format 7. Open Excel and import the text data and convert from .csv to excel 8. Click on XP column and sort data from highest to lowest Z->A 9. Assign grades based on points 10. Your life as a teacher is much easier with a ton of data to show parents and administrators :-)


Thank you so much! Brilliant!


We are all waiting for our Weekly Reports to come back.


I haven't received a weekly report for at least a month. It sure is helpful to track students' progress with the report.


I'm trying one more thing, because a colleague on the Duolingo Educator's Network reminded me that you can turn the weekly e-mails off. (Click on the sticky "What is the Educator's Network?" to join.) I checked my "Notifications" tab and ...Nope, all my settings are fine. But I clicked "save changes" just to force things through the pipeline. I will post and let you all know if it magically fixes things.

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