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"Look, Isabel! You do not have boots on!"

Translation:Seall, Iseabail! Chan eil bòtannan ort!

January 13, 2020



Why ort rather than orm. Is ort the plural form of orm?


'ort' = on you, 'orm' = on me

Prepositions combine with personal pronouns. A good reference table is on the Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki at https://gaelicgrammar.org/~gaelic/mediawiki/index.php/Prepositional_Inflection


Thank you. Very helpful Since asking about this point I also found some information via https://www.omniglot.com/language/celtic/pronouns/gaelic.php which I also found helpful.


Am Faclair Beag and Learn Gaelic give bùtais (ean) for boot(s), rather than bòtann(an), although bòtann is used in compounds, eg bòtann-iasgach. Which is the more modern usage, or are they both contemporary?


I can't say I've ever heard the word 'bùtais'. 'Bòtann' is definitely more common.


That figures. Bùtais does sound like a Gaelicisation of 'booties' :o)


In my extensive and long use of Gaelic 'bòtannan' is a word mostly reserved for 'wellies' (short or long waterproof footwear) and not so often of boots worn for crofting and outdoor work . 'Brogan' is used for all types of shoes, including fashion wear.


Yep, we accept 'wellies' here too :)


Why Seall instead of Seo?


"Seall" is the root and imperative form of the verb 'to look'. The root form of most regular Gàidhlig verbs is also the imperative. "Seo" = 'here'. I suppose that you could say "seall seo!" or 'look here' :o)

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