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Arabic speaking exercises

Are there any speaking exercises in the Arabic course?

January 13, 2020



I'm a little disappointed there are no speaking exercises for Arabic. They play a huge part in the Russian and Mandarin programs. I would also like them to allow you to type out your answers with an Arabic keyboard (the way it is with Russian) instead of just tapping on the entire word. Is there any way to talk to people about this or do you have to just post on the forum and hope they see it?


I don't think we have much influence on Duolingo, but you never know. I totally agree about the speaking exercises, but you absolutely can enter answers using an arabic keyboard. I have installed an arabic keyboard driver on windows and printed out the keyboard layout. For me it is a very great help. In fact, without typing in Arabic I wasn't really leaning the words at all.


I've done the same with downloading the Arabic keyboard - I found that I can use talk to text to simulate a spoken answer but it's still not the same.


I have not come across any yet, but am hoping that there will be some as I progress to higher levels.


Have you seen speaking exercises in higher levels?


I do not believe there are any.


Take a look at Madinah Arabic Toronto - hours of conversations to follow with Arabic text.

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