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Remove phrases and words from practice exercises?

Is it possible to remove words from practice exercises? I finished the Arabic course, but I still can't speak and want to better learn some phrases, but practice still mostly gives me alphabet exercises, which are considerably easy compared to the rest. In the most recent practice I tried, 18 exercises were alphabet and 2 were "match the pairs", again only with 1 to 3 letters max, without any translation (of course, most of them weren't actual words). I felt the same problem in other languages, where practice mostly contained the easiest parts of the course. But what if I need to practice the hardest words, from different sections, at once?

January 13, 2020

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if you kept good notes it would be best to create your own SLR.

create a spreadsheet with two columns.

put english in left column and arabic in right.

go down the rows and test yourself.

if you miss one move it to the top.

leave a blank row with the cells merged so you know where your missed ones end.

once you have 10 above the blank row practice those 10 until you feel comfortable with them.

Then cut and paste them at the top of your row just below the blank.

over time the phrases you know best will migrate to the bottom of the spreadsheet....

something like that will work but you can create any system with flash cards. pen and paper. dry erase board. recordings of your voice....

and for goodness sake find another resource. duolingo is more thana a bit poopy

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