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Did duolingo decrease in quality?

I used to be very active on here a few months ago (I had a 100+ day streak and spent more than an hour on the website every day), but since April I stopped using the website. A few days ago I decided to come back here, and I noticed some issues that were not a problem months ago.

  1. When I want to skip a question in timed practice I just submit a random key to get a wrong answer. In the past day, there were two instances where duolingo actually said that "t" was the correct translation. Here is another example. And another.
  2. Quite frequently theRe are words wRitten liKe this wiTh random capitalization in the middle. Example.
  3. In the speaker exercises, Duolingo sometimes claims my text is not in German even if it is. I then try to skip the question, but it refuses too. Sometimes it just gives me a LONG time as a return but still refuses to skip the question. here is an example.

It would be nice to be able to report these from the review section, because I don't always want to stop my timed practice for that.

Did anyone else notice these?

July 6, 2014



yeah but I just tried typing in bonjour and it still didn't work it still said I wasn't writing in French I tried changing my sentences I tried quitting and going on again didn't work but thanks


3 just happened to me in the Kindle Fire app when I was reviewing French. Someone needs to fix this.


I noticed number 3 has anybody found a solution to that yet?


I noticed #3 the other day too. I changed a word and it worked.


thank you tehal mighty goat -- i will give that a try next time, as it does it fairly often with me.


i haven't done what you've done, but i HAVE given PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of what i am POSITIVE to be correct answers of french/english/english/french that are marked wrong. this makes me not only lose time and patience, but it is incredibly frustrating. if duolingo were not free, and if it were still not the best linguistics program i have ever found -- including paid-for models... there would be no way i would bother with my daily lessons. seriously, DUOLINGO YOU NEED TO HIRE ME.


oh, YES i HAVE noticed that they want you to type in a specific language, you do that, and then they say you're not typing in that language. you are correct. absolutely, number 3 needs delved into.

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