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  5. "Seanair sgriosail."

"Seanair sgriosail."

Translation:A dreadful grandfather.

January 14, 2020



My answer "An awful gradfather" was accepted but marked as having a typo (the suggested answer was "A awful grandfather"). Now that I see the preferred answer above I can see why (if 'awful' is directly substituted as an alternative to 'dreadful')


Aw thanks! You're exactly right, 'awful' was in with the adjectives beginning with consonants when it shouldn't have been.


I am sure i have seen Grandfather written as "Sheanair" before but got marked wrong for it?


You will have but it will be because something (such as the vocative case) has triggered lenition (the addition of the 'h' after the first consonant) in the same way that Seumas becomes Sheumais in the vocative or math becomes mhath after a feminine noun. See the notes here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd and scroll down to the section called "The magic of Lenition" and also the following section "Vocative" (where you will see 'a sheanair' given as an example). In this situation it is plain old nominative, so no lenition.

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