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  5. "An fhidheall agam."

"An fhidheall agam."

Translation:My fiddle.

January 14, 2020



Literally, "the fiddle at me" Here's what the Tips say: "Agam - At Me Agam is another prepositional pronoun and consists of the words aig (meaning "at") and mi (meaning "me" or "I"). It would be wrong to say aig mi. We have to combine the two words into a superword - agam.

We don't have a verb like "have" in Gaelic (totally unnecessary, honest) but we can use combinations of aig to show possession: Tha peata agam. - I have a pet. (There is a pet at me) Tha cù agam. - I have a dog. (There is a dog at me)"


Literally, the fiddle I have?

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