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"Where is Anna? I do not know."

Translation:Càite a bheil Anna? Chan eil fios agam.

January 14, 2020



I can agree with this. In an earlier lesson cait meant cats. I have been taught that this should be caite but is isn't in this one for some reason.


Completely different word 'cait' =/= 'càit'. That said, I am under the impression that 'càite' (two syllables) is the standard variant, and I too noticed that they used 'càit' in the question but list 'càite' in this answer to it.


The tiles have 'càit' not 'càite' for me and the audio is missing for that tile.


Fios the pronouciation is ios silent f we do have silent letters in pronouciation in scottish gealic he is pronouncing fios like fiss when it is ios silent f .


I've always heard and said "Chan eil fhios 'am". Could this be added as an option, as it's quite common (on Lewis at least)


I second the "Chan eil fhios 'am" variant, which is common enough to be the phrase taught by "Speaking Our Language".

Anither thing, about "Càite". I recently found a YouTube video for a nursery rhyme "Uilleam Òrdag" (https://youtu.be/naS6wkein_8) which has the line "Cà bheil thu?". I thought I'd try that out in Duo Lingo but it doesn't seem to be accepted.


I take that back. "Cà bheil Anna?" Was accepted. I think I had tried it also with "Chan eil fhios am." at the same time and it wasn't impressed.


Why is "agam" in there? On first look it seems surplus to requirements.


Because originally fios meant knowledge, so what you are saying is I dont have knowledge (or alternatively I have knowledge) rather than just saying I know.

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