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Should I be able to see Tips on the Scottish Gaelic app (I see them on the computer but not when using the app).

January 14, 2020


They're only available in the web version. I use chrome to see them on the mobile and the app to do the actual lessons. I believe the courses that have them available on the app are courses written by DL staff so that may be a phantom memory...

Many thanks.....I wondered if it was a result of the course being so new.

Nope, I believe it's just the courses developed in-house that have Tips on mobile.

Very welcome! I agree, it would be fantastic to have them on mobile but it's just a select group that get them. Programmer privilege and all that, I suspect ;-)

The other thing you give up by using the app, at least on Android, is the option to type with the keyboard instead of clicking on individual words. It's a huge time saver, especially if you have a physical keyboard, and better for learning, I think. But in the app you can describe the details of a problem when reporting. You can no longer do that on the web version.

Thanks for comments

This link goes to a list of the Scottish Gaelic tips and notes on

Of course, since you can still only access them on a web browser and not the app, you might as well use your web browser to access the course and see the Tips that way. Though, sometimes having them all in one place like that could be helpful.

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