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  5. "Tha Glaschu glè mhòr."

"Tha Glaschu glè mhòr."

Translation:Glasgow is very big.

January 14, 2020



The voice in the sentence say 'Glashu' while the voice for the tile says 'Glasahu' Is this mainly a dialect issue? Are there any parts of Scotland where this is more common?


It's dialect.

I say the latter and all my friends do, so I'm saying the latter is more common.


Are there any rules/patterns for when this happens? I hear that 'gorm' often are pronounced with an extra 'o' between the 'r' and the 'm' - e.g. 'gorom' And 'dearg' is often pronounced with an extra 'a' between 'r' and 'g' - e.g. 'dearag'

As Gaelic is transferring so much else of its' pronunciation (e.g. lentition, ag Vs a' etc) to writing/spelling, I find it strange that this help-vocal isn't included in the written language as well.


I'd say there's not a vowel there, it's just that if you properly roll your r, there's a distinction between it and the next consonant.


I am hearing Glah- wahs- goo instead of glas- uh- coo. Dialect can be confusing, but I am glad that we are being made aware of it!


Both Canada and Glasgow items are correct /2 but continue to be failed

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