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The first 10 minutes of the song al9amaro l2a7mar = The Red Moon

The link to the song :


The lyrics + pronunciation + translation

(Arabic is written without diacritics to to prepare you to become abl to read arabic without them as Arabs do)

(I have made the translation as close to the Arabic structure as possible)

Learn and Enjoy!

خجولا اطل وراء الجبال + وجفن الدجى حوله يسهر

kajoolan aTalla waraa2a ljibaali + wa jafno ddoja 7awlaho yas-haro

shy, he appeared behind the mountains + and the pupil of the darkness around him is staying up

ورقراق ذاك العظيم + على شاطئيه ارتمى اللحن والمزهر

wa-ra9raa9o dhaaka l3aDhiim + 3alaa shaaTi2ayhi rtama lla7no wa-lmizharo

and (ra9raa9) that great + on its banks threw themselves the melody and the lute

وفي موجه يستحم الخلود + وفي غوره ترسب الاعصر

wa-fii mawjihi yasta7mmo lkholoodo + wa-fii ghawrihi tarsobo l2a3Soro

and in its waves swim eternity + and in its bottom lie the eras

ra9raa9 is the poetic name of the river (aboo ra9raa9) - this river separate my city - arribaaT (Rabat) - from another city : Salaa (Sale)

January 14, 2020


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