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Italian Basics 1 - stuck in Lesson 3/5

I’m stuck here.

Translate “the man” with a cartoon man.

I appear to have two options - select a multiple choice button or type in a text box. Neither works.

The app will allow me to select the button labeled “ l’ “, but nothing happens after that. Alternatively, if I type “l’uomo”, it tells me I’m incorrect.

Screenshot below shows I’ve typed the answer correctly. I reported it through the app, but am frustrated I burned through hearts thinking I was doing something wrong.


AM I doing something wrong?

January 14, 2020



This has come up before (in both French and Italian). See if this discussion helps. Try putting a space after the apostrophe.



This discussion helped! I selected the “l’” button and only typed the “uomo” thanks! This was just not intuitive for some reason.

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