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Why isn't the practice option giving me a variety of words?

I cannot seem to get my mastery up anymore without actually going back through the lessons because the timed practice options (both the main ones and the topic specific ones) seem to be giving me the same sentences/words over and over again. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

April 28, 2013



I check each individual word. I check lesson by lesson for weak words. Sometimes the lesson shows four bars, but in fact there are still week words in that lesson. I like doing it this way because I can see the weak words and the grammar and examples which go with those particular words.The only draw back is that sometimes I encounter grammar that is far too advanced for my skill level.


I forgot to add that the method that i use is awkward because each time I practice a weak word and I try to use my back arrow to go back to the list for that lesson, it takes me back to practice the same word again. So I have to go to home, then to the lesson and then to the vocabulary list again. It works but is time consuming. I wish the team would fix that.


Still don't understand why I haven't been given new words to expand my vocabulary

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