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A sincere thank you to the Scottish Gaelic team!

This course is great! The tips are so helpful and easy to understand. You guys are doing a great job(especially for only 3 people). Keep up the great work, we appreciate it so much.

I have tried several languages on Duolingo in the past and failed, coming to the conclusion that I am just a poor language learner. Almost on a whim I tried Scottish Gaelic, and even though I am just starting out I am doing great(I think)! I can't think of a single fault or anything I would change. So... THANK YOU!

January 14, 2020



I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I'm glad you're enjoying the course so far, and good luck with the rest of it! :)


Thank you, really. As I said I had given up on language learning but this has inspired me. Not to mention it is encouraging me to learn about a new and interesting culture.


I love your pronunciation.


Tapadh leat a charaid! Really, genuinely grateful for such a kind comment.


You are welcome... keep up the great work!


Have to agree, been thinking about learning Scottish Gaelic for years but never had such a great resource as this. Next time I'm in Harris or Lewis, I'll be able to sound slightly less like a tourist. Tapadh leibh !!


I am absolutely loving my Scottish gaelic course! I have a 40+ day streak going and make sure to log in every evening. Thank you to the team for all of their hard work.


I must also add my extremely grateful thanks! I have always felt saddened, angry and frustrated that I couldn't speak my own language (had it been available at school in those days I would have chosen it!) and although I've tried a number of times in different formats, it's never worked out given my work/study commitments and finite energy levels. This time I do feel like I'm making some little progress already and the course is in a MUCH more engaging and practical format than anything else out there. You are already making a bigger difference than you realise. Tapadh leibh agus 's math a rinn thu!


I'd like to echo the sentiments expressed by K_SG in the OP. I've been interested in Gaelic for many years now, partly flowing from a love of traditional music, partly from a fascination with the place names of this country. However, I had never found a way "in" to learning it before this. Previous methods I had tried were either too rigid and grammar- based, or were focused on learning phrases,by rote. The work this team has done in putting this course together is amazing. It's fun, and inspiring, to work through these lessons and feel more confident and engaged in the language. I'm on a 50-day streak, and not burning through the lessons. I hope, and I suspect, that this team and Duolingo, have made something really significant happen here.

Brilliant work. Tapadh leibh.


Now it is my turn to echo your sentiments. I do believe this is something special. I have heard this language described as "dying" and that is sad. Now thanks to this great(and obviously hard working) team it is finding a whole new group of eager and anxious learners. I don't think we can bring it back to what it once was but hopefully we can help in some small way. So, once again, thanks to this team for dedicating your time and sharing this wonder language with us!


Pretty much like the OP, I took this up on a whim. And like many others, have always been embarrased by my complete lack of knowledge of my own tongue, particularly as I have a great fondness for Scots folk music, particularly the Gaelic singers.

Having travelled the world, I always had "an ear" for the local language, and would pick up bits and pieces here and there. That said, I had no ear for Gaelic at all when I finally settled back home in Highland Perthshire. In itself that would not have been an issue, but I began working with a couple who are fluent Gaelic speakers, at events where Gaelic is spoken, and the embarrassment kicked in again.

Like others I was delighted when this came along, and whilst I may only do an hour or so per day, quite often making schoolboy errors, the way the course has been set up so far makes it interesting. I, too, cannot thank the team too much.


I have been trying all my life (age 69) to learn Gàidhlig and this course is the first one that has enabled me to do so. My grandmother was from South Uist and I visit there from time to time. The course is really well structured and the repetitive exercises are well judged to reinforce learning. I am building up my own word list in excel to supplement the online dictionary. Thank you.

[deactivated user]

    it's great to learn the language of my people!! ^__^ my grandad was from Lewis and spoke gaelic so it's awesome to start following in his footsteps even if it's just a little


    Yes absolutely fantastic work


    I'm thrilled to have Scottish Gaelic here. I started some years ago taking an online class, but couldn't afford to keep doing that. With no one to practice with, I kind of lost everything I learned. Coming here has been a blessing. I've been waiting for Scottish Gaelic to be released and it's finally here!


    Co-signing here. I said this on twitter, but will say it again here: I've been a learner for decades, in fits and starts. Injury/disability forced me to take a long break, and I despaired of ever edging near fluency again. Duolingo has allowed me to ease my way back in.

    The bite-sized lessons, in a different order and structure than the other courses I've done, helped me get back into it without being bored. Being able to test up a level (or several) has also helped when the material felt too basic.

    This course is also far more modern and colloquial than the materials I began with in the '80s and '90s, so it has mostly been fresh for me. I've rarely been bored. When I have been, I test up.

    Tapadh Leibh, Gàidhlig Duolingo team. I know just from my circle of friends and colleagues that you've gotten many learners back into language preservation and revitalization. You've done well!


    I wish we had discovered this earlier. We have been interested in learning some Gaelic for years. We had picked up some written materials but pronunciation was always a real problem. I have looked at some of the other languages here at duolingo, particularly a couple I studied in school. I think the Scottish Gaelic lessons are superior to the others I have seen. Thank you for making this available. We are having a great time and I think, learning some Gaelic at last.


    it really is awesome. thanks


    I absolutely love all the voices. A young child piped up the other lesson and it was so cheery to hear. My husband is studying another language and i hear only one voice and the sentences don't appear to be so relevant and delightful as the Scottish Gaelic. Keep up the fantastic work. When Covid is under wraps we plan to visit Scotland again and travel to some of the far reaches. I raise my single malt, Slàinte mhath!


    I must agree. This course was well put together. I have only a couple stumbling areas, the clarity of the pronouncation and some of the graphic designs ie Grandfather. I had no idea what that was. One of my friends in my bagpipe course turned me onto Duolingo. I’m enjoying it, thanks.


    Yes, the course is wonderful. Many thanks

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