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  5. "paqvam DalaD'a'?"

"paqvam DalaD'a'?"

Translation:Will you read this book?

January 14, 2020



When someone asks me that question, how do I know if he means "did you read it" or "will you read it?" As far as I understand "DalaD" can mean both right? This might lead to some confusion in a conversation


You know by context. If your teacher hands you your next book assignment but knows you're considering skipping your homework tonight and asks, paqvam DalaD'a'? you can be fairly certain they're asking about your intentions for the future rather than anything else.

Without context, as an isolated sentence, there is no way to know when the sentence takes place. Klingon does not mark its verbs for tense, or when an action happens.

By the way, Did you read this book is most likely asking about whether you completed an activity. As a completed action, it needs a completed suffix: -pu' or -ta'. If, instead, it's asking something like whether this is the book your class had to read last week, not whether you completed reading it, then no completed suffix is warranted. Be careful when translating the past tense in English: determine whether you're talking about a completed activity or not.


Thank you very much for your answer! The part about the completed actions is very helpful, I didn't have that in my lessons yet, but it helped a lot to better understand the concept!

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