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Suggestion for Next Version

There is one question in the Work 2 section in which cooking and chef are both used. This was really helpful, as I tend to mix up the two because the words have the same base. It would be great if you could include more examples like this in which two related words have the same base and are used in the same question. Thanks!

January 14, 2020



On a vaguely similar note, I'd like for more of the multiple choice questions to include several similar looking words / misspellings of the same word / words that have the same root. Often I find that even if I don't know key items of vocabulary used in the correct answer to a multiple choice question, the two wrong answers are so clearly nonsensical that I'm able to guess my way to the right one. And while that ability to rule out wrong answers is really handy in an exam situation where the goal is simply to pass, I don't think relying on it is particularly conducive to good learning. So I like when none of the three answers are too outlandish and all use fairly similar looking words, as it means I have to actually read carefully / know the vocabulary thoroughly in order to get the right answer.


Hey, most of the wrong answers are automatically generated by the software. They just draw from available words in the course. Not really much we can do about it, unfortunately.


Ahh, okay, that makes more sense! It's a shame it can't be changed, but thanks for clarifying. :)


No bother at all! In certain scenarios we can pick the wrong answer and so we will bear this in mind. :)

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