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  5. "Feumaidh mi e."

"Feumaidh mi e."

Translation:I need it.

January 14, 2020



Would I need him be accepted?


It's accepted now.


Why is 'e' translated as 'it' in this situation but when referring to weather 'i' is used instead?


Gaelic is a language that uses male and female noun genders, much like Spanish. Everything is either categorized as belonging to the group that is treated as masculine or the group that is treated as feminine. That's not to say they necessarily think those things have some sort of spiritual genitalia, it's just that everything has to be put in one category or the other because that's how the language works. Weather is categorized as feminine. The pronoun "i" refers to females and is often translated as "she" or "her". When used to refer to something that doesn't have gender in English, we translate "i" into English as "it". We don't actually know what "e" refers to here, but we know that it gets categorized as masculine in Gaelic. This exercise also accepts "I need him" as a translation.

For a little something extra about the weather, it should be noted that sometimes people us "e" to refer to the weather instead of "i". In actuality when a person does that they are instead thinking of how the "day" is rather than how the "weather" is. The meaning is exactly the same, but the grammar winds up changing just that tiny bit because "day" is categorized as masculine.

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