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"Mara will eat at eighteen hundred hours."

Translation:SopDI' mara, wa'maH chorghlogh Qoylu'pu'.

January 14, 2020



I'm curious if the placement of -DI' is considered to be interchangeable in these time expressions? Would "Sop mara wa'maH chorglogh Qoylu'pu'DI'" be considered a valid construction too?


All the Qoylu'pu' stuff is idiomatic, so it's hard to tell how much you can fiddle with it and still be saying it right. Grammatically, there's no reason you couldn't do what you say, but Okrand didn't give us any phrases like that. So we really don't know the answer to your question.


Yarp, gotya. That's not the first time I've gotten that kind of answer, just didn't know if this was one of those times or not. Thanks!


That's the trouble with studying the language of a people who don't exist. You can't ask them to clarify things.

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