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"The father and the children go home."

Translation:पिता और बच्चे घर जाते हैं।

January 14, 2020



My app very nice of my lesson


Fails when I type बच्चे myself: https://i.imgur.com/NwZeUWp.png


You are typing 'vve' (व ् व े) instead of 'cce' (च ् च े)


I was fail but i win second time


Why do they combine two letters in some words like: बच्चा तुम्हारा What's the difference? Do they have an emphasis on the combined words?


In Hindi, every consonant is attached to the vowel अ in its most basic form. For example, क is 'ka' not 'k'. (This अ vowel is not pronounced in certain situations like at the end of words).

Now, consider a syllable with two consonant sounds, say 'ska'. To write it in Hindi, we need to combine the letters स (sa) and क (ka) by removing the 'a' sound from the first letter. This is a 'conjunct consonant' and is usually written by attaching half of the first letter with the second, as in स्क (ska). [Note that some conjunct consonants have special forms like त्त (conjunct of त with itself), क्ष (conjunct of क and ष) and all conjuncts involving र]
So, तुम्हारा is 'tumhārā' where म्ह is 'mha'.

When you have a conjunct of a letter with itself, you stress the consonant sound. So, बच्चा is pronounced 'bachcha).


My sound is not right


You might didin't do good vinay92. You might did hindi space. You don't know how to type.


You did good hindi typing ErwinRooij

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