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Diacritic or symbol question

What is the meaning of the dashed or dotted circle in a word?

January 15, 2020



kinda funny because im thinking about vowels and the sukun. then i'm thinking about a dotted circle? still learning but i don't know of a diacritic like that. hmm hope somebody clears this up.


Is the character shown in this pdf document?

If not, you could try and copy the word with that symbol in a word document and select a different font. It may just be a problem with a character in the font you (or your web browser) are using.

For example, my PC has a problem with Aleif Waslah and prints it as a dashed square.


In your PDF document it's the dashed circle in vertical column 061


the dashed circle is showing the absence of a consonant.

if you just type a diacritic in Word it puts a dotted circle to represent what would/should be a consonant.

the sukun سُكُون can be a small circle ْ or a V shape turned 90 degrees left depending on the font

In this image the laam and the meem have the sukun with the "v" turned font

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