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  5. "yuQvam luyotchugh wIHubrup."

"yuQvam luyotchugh wIHubrup."

Translation:If they invade this planet, we are ready to defend it.

January 15, 2020



Sorry, yet another question about word order. My first attempt was: "We are ready to defend this planet if they invade it." That's apparently wrong. I've seen other questions with the "preferred" answer in this order and was confused by it. Before, someone had tried to explain what the proper way was, but the very next question I had, Duolingo said that was backwards! Can someone shed some light on this for me again? From what I was told by an actual person, it's never supposed to be: object verbs because of whatever. It's always supposed to be: Because of whatever, object verbs. Is that correct? And for if/then statements, it's always supposed to be: If condition is met, then do whatever. Not Do whatever if condition met.


In Klingon, subordinate clauses can come before or after independent clauses. Subordinate clauses are the ones where the verb has -chugh if, -DI' as soon as, -mo' because, -pa' before, or -vIS while.

yuQvam luyotchugh wIHubrup
yuQvam wIHubrup luyotchugh

These sentences are equivalent. You can reorder any of the subordinate clauses the same way.

The creators of this course on Duolingo have decided that a Klingon sentence and its English translation (or vice versa) have to be given with the clauses in the same order as each other. This is an artificial restriction of the course, not of the Klingon language. The course is also not consistent about it: sometimes it will let you put the clauses in either order, sometimes it won't.

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