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  5. "This bed is broken."

"This bed is broken."

Translation:هٰذا ٱلْسَّرير مَكْسور.

January 15, 2020



Why there is Shada in sarir?


Because the lam in the definite article is assimilating to the sin at the beginning of the word. It's not al-sarir, but rather as-sarir, so the sin wears a shaddah to reflect this.


This is a definite bed. In English, there is normally only one determiner. A pronoun like "this" is a determiner, so it "eats" the definite article, which is another determiner. In Arabic this doesn't happen, you have both هٰذا and ال.


Its a common thing in arabic when we are talking about our bed its "سريري" and when we are talking about someone else's bed its "سريرك" but when we only talking about a bed its "السرير"

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