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"The child is not on the table."

Translation:बच्चा मेज़ पर नहीं है।

January 15, 2020, 12:20 PM



Ignoring the word 'not' for a minute, in English, this should be 'The child is at the table', not 'on the table'. 'On' the table implies the child is physically sitting on top of the table. 'At' the table implies the child is sitting (on a chair), next to the table. What is the Hindi version implying (on or at the table)? How would you say 'The child is sitting at the table'? Or is there no distinction between 'at' and 'on' in Hindi here? Thanks!

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The Hindi sentence does mean the child is physically on the table.

'At' is also usually translated as 'पर' but the phrase 'at the table' is not that popular in Hindi.

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