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"Nella stanza di mio nonno c'è un mobile antico."

Translation:In my grandfather's room there is an antique piece of furniture.

July 6, 2014


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my answer should be good in my grandfather's room there is a piece of antique furniture


DL accepted this response from me as a correct answer 2/25/2019: "In my grandfather's room there is a piece of antique furniture."


As long as we really understand the Italian we can always debate all the possible translations.

Nella stanza di mio nonno = In the room of my grandfather
c'è un mobile antico = there is a furniture antique

In my grandfather's room there is an antique piece of furniture / a piece of antique furniture.

Both variants are approved.


And DUO apparently is not going to correct their error.


why is ancient piece of furniture wrong?


"a piece of antique furniture" was marked incorrect.


old = antique, or not?


old = vecchio
antique = antico
ancient (=very old/historic) = storico (there is the word "anziano" as well but I think it is only used for elderly persons)


This sounds like preciosity. They are not precisely the same, but definitely synonyms (yes, I checked the dictionary before posting).


Need to work on the pronunciation with the new voice. 'Mobile' comes out as something like 'mow-bayle' instead of 'mow-bee-lay.'


There shouldn't be anything wrong with either of your suggestions, joesci. But, only your second's accepted.


because duolingo does not keep comments in order, I'm not sure which of joesci's options you (Gidee) think is correct . . . but "piece of antique furniture" is being marked wrong . . . does anyone know why?


As said, there shouldn't be anything wrong with either of joesci's suggestions, therefore I think both are pretty correct. But, only his second suggestion on my displayed thread here - 'In the room of my grandfather there is an antique piece of furniture' - is being accepted [by Duolingo]. I don't know why the former is being marked wrong, so I'd obviously be inclined to questioning why so, also.


In English we can leave out the 'there'


Why is "piece of antique furniture" wrong?


some of these answers are not very clear, "there is a piece of antique furniture" or "there is an antique piece of furniture" is the same in English.


I omitted the apostrophe in grandfather's and was marked down


Duo's answer for this, while perfectly good standard English gramatically, is not something any of the people i know would ever say. One antique piece of furniture would be identified more specifically. e.g. In my grandfather's room there is an antique desk. A generic answer of this nature would be used for multiple pieces rather than listing each item. e.g. In my grandfather's room there are several pieces of antique furniture. If he has antique desk, chair and armoire for example. Just saying. Not expecting it will change any time soon.


You are right ! or we might simply refer to an antique....


Why wasn't mine accepted: In my grandfather's room there's an ancient cabinet


I supplied the correct answer as stated and it is indicated incorrect! Why?


Word options did not allow for "a piece of antique...", the clumsy word order they put as correct would never be used, and so never occurred to me.


I think the important thing is that we really understand. Things can always be expressed in different ways, both in English and in Italian In order to learn I find it useful to translate both in a literal way and, especially when that is not how it would be phrased in the other language, change it to something that works and is as close as possible.

c'è mobile antico = there is furniture antique ~ there is a piece of antique furniture


Why not 'in my grandfather's room there is an antique furniture'?


what is the difference between a piece of antique furniture and the above === both are good english


I think it should allow 'item of furniture '


You do not say there is when you already said my grandfathers room


my answer should have been accepted.I study Italian not English


Thomas, it is difficult to answer your post if you don't cut and paste your actual answer. Was there a typo you overlooked?

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