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Duolingo's usefulness

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Yesterday, 14 January 2020, I got my result for the French exam DELF, level B2, and I managed to pass it with the score 81 out of 100. I am very pleased about this result which will allow me to continue my higher studies in France. In this way, I want to thank Duolingo for the help. Probably there will be people who will say that Duolingo helps you just to reach a beginner level, A1, maximum A2 and probably I would not have achieved it without YouTube videos, reading the local press or talking with French natives online, but Duolingo helped to keep a daily learning routine of 15-20 minutes and to discover how beautiful learning a language is. So, THANK YOU Duolingo for this wonderful product and I hope you will continue to do this amazing job in the years to come. Next stop: level C2.

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January 15, 2020



Congratulations. Learning a language is a beautiful thing, you are quite right! Bon chance pour tus estudies en France. Sorry for the mistakes, I learnt French a long time ago...


Thank you very much! And "Bonne chance pour tes études en France".


I want to do the same thing for german. Hope that i can get there one day! This really motevates me to keep learning!


I'm exactly the same, slowly but surely I think is the way to go! I'm about 2 years into learning the language on duolingo (but my 5th year of learning it in school), all the best for your journey!


I'm SOO HAPPY for you! :) Congrats on getting to the level you have! I love working with native teachers in the language I'm learning which is why I'm going on italki soon. :) I too want to take french to "fluency" especially after having learned it for 8 years already. I wish you all the BEST going forward in your studies! :) This is just the beginning....and HEEERe's to the beginning! :) Bonne chance!


Thank you! That's very sweet!


Congratulations passing the DELF is a HUGE accomplishment it's going to help you a lot in the future and stay with you forever. Hope you do great in your next test.


Thank you very much for your kind words!


Congrats! No better exercise than to speak to people directly


Many congratulations indeed. And yes, learning a language is such a pleasure. Lots of luck with all your future studies!


Thank you very much!

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