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  5. "Tha Steòrnabhagh cho snog."

"Tha Steòrnabhagh cho snog."

Translation:Stornoway is so nice.

January 15, 2020



I did not know what Stornoway is. After I'd found out I had to look with street view. It is so beautiful, I so hope that I will be able to visit Scotland someday.


It is definitely on my list.

Sometimes this course really depresses me. Here I am in Florida, on lockdown, and 'Cha toil leam Florida idir'. Now along comes Duolingo with "Sornoway is nice" "Mull is beautiful" "Inverness is lovely" and "Islay is fun." And here I am still stuck in Florida.

My heritage is Scot. My mom's family (Irvine) owned Drum Castle near Aberdeen until it was given to the National Trust. Can a person be "homesick" for a place they have never been to?

End of vent.


Omg you comment had me rolling on the floor!


I'm able to pronounce Steornabhagh so well, at least to my ears better than many other words! Maybe it's the native speaker's strong accent giving me confidence about the pronunciation.

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