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"Tha mi a' cluinntinn Cailean."

Translation:I am hearing Colin.

January 15, 2020



Is it wrong to interpret "Tha mi a' cluinntinn Cailean." as "I can hear C."? I feel that "I'm hearing C." is not very idiomatic English. Happy to stand corrected, mind :)


Yes it is. Whilst there's not much difference in English there is a slight difference in Gaelic. I can hear Calum would be "bidh mi a' cluinntinn Cailean."


Taing mhòr, tha e cuideachail, gu dearbh! :)





I can spell all of those just fine... but the Gàidhlig spelling of Colin??? Nope! Can't seem to get it, even after i wrote it out over 25 times. Good grief!


I have done this correctly several times and the only difference with the answer is the accent above the first a. I don't know how to do accents, is that why Im getting it wrong?


There isn't an accent in it. It's a'

But if you are leaving out the apostrophe, then yes.


Why won't it except the correct answer?


What are you writing?

You most likely have a spelling error.

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