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  5. "Tha am brot blasta."

"Tha am brot blasta."

Translation:The soup is tasty.

January 15, 2020



I listened to that a dozen times and I still can't hear the "am" in the sentence. Am I just not picking it up?


I find it very hard to pick out too. I suppose that's how people actually speak in real life.


True! Tricky when it's a purely listening exercise because it could be Tha brot blasta; as in, that's not an incorrect sentence.


It's definitely nasalized at the end 'tham' not 'tha' which tells you an article is there, but aye, in practice this is "tha'm brot blasta" just as anything with "tha thu" in it sounds like 'how' typically.


I keep thinking 'brot' is 'bread' - damn you, German!


Me too! I now remember it by thinking "brot" is "broth", so soup :)


Oh, you too! [grin]

I force myself to remember that it is "broth", but seeing that word "brot" is often too much for me...


Just remember: brot is broth but Brot is bread.


You're not the only ones! :P


I have the same problem and I haven’t exactly picked up what the difference is between am and an. Do they both mean ‘the’?


The "am" form is used when the following word begins with B, F, M or P. It's in the notes.


It is definitely there. The Tha and am are run together so sound more like "ham"


Put in the correct answer 'tha am brot blasta', said I was wrong and gave Tha brot blasta as the answer. I put that in and it said that was wrong and the first answer was correct. I had to try several times before my first answer was accepted. Confused


Sometimes an apparently "correct" answer gets rejected because of an error we haven't spotted - that's happened to me several times.


There may be some ones that just have 'soup is tasty' and some that have 'the soup is tasty' but they will look very similar.

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