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  5. "Tha mi a' sgioblachadh."

"Tha mi a' sgioblachadh."

Translation:I am tidying.

January 16, 2020



feeling a bit down because of self isolation week 3 .....Thank You Duolingo for putting a smile on my face ....I looooooove that word ..sgioblachadh


Tidy alone sounds weird without an object, tidy up sounds better.


You'd need an extra word ('suas') for that.


Must be a dialect difference then. In US English we always use tidy up, not just tidy.


Must be. To me, 'tidying' is general, whereas 'tidying up' implies the mess was made recently and you're "tidying it up". As in - you might be asked to tidy your bedroom, but you would be asked to tidy up your toys (that you've just been playing with).


We always tidy something, I can't imagine ever using tidy on its own. We tidy up, or tidy a room, tidy the drawer, etc. I am from the UK but live in the US and in both places would always say tidy up rather than just tidy. To mark "tidy up" as wrong has to be an oversight.


I feel I would need to tidy after spitting out that word


Love this word.


"Tidying up" should be accepted. It's what's happening. - "sgioblachadh suas" sounds like what an english person would say, and nobody I know would say this.

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