"We eat the food."

अनुवाद:हम खाना खाते हैं।

July 6, 2014

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नही we की जगह v लगाना यह गलत है और English language में we की जगह v नही लिख सकते कृपया we लगाए


Hello team, I appreciate what are you doing for language fluency. Its a request, try to put some steps regarding grammer ( like - s, es, a, the AND in hindi for है, हैं लडका - लड(dot mark below ड ) का वह, वे

Best Regards: Kumar


Thanks for the feedback Kumar. We are currently trialling Report Messages which automatically explain to the user why common mistakes are wrong. These should cover all of the points you have mentioned. In future we may add more in depth explanations. Thanks :)


Can you help me with this correct use of है and हैं


"है" is used for singular or एकवचन words and translates to "is" in English and "हैं" is used for plural or बहुवचन words and translates to "are". Here are a few examples

  • वह एक लड़का है - क्योंकि "लड़का" एकवचन है।
  • वे लड़के हैं - क्योंकि "लड़के" बहुवचन है।


क्या बात है।


हम भोजन करते हैं । also correct


In some examples there is hai(है) and in some (हैं)...and shows the answer wrong...this is very irritating.


You must be careful when writing Hindi to use the right word है or हैं because using the wrong word will cause you to get the sentence wrong. In this sentence you must use हैं because हम is plural (बहुवचन) so only हैं is correct. We use है for the singular case (एकवचन)

I know this can sometimes be frustrating but my advice is give your answer a quick check before you submit it and be sure to learn from your mistakes :)


Oh so है and हैं being plural/singular refers to the 'we' being plural and not 'food' being plural?


Yes that is correct :) For example...

  • वह है - he is
  • हम हैं - we are


What is the food mins khana


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Apni Smj me Kuch ni aaya


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Sorry my answer wrong

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